People ask how the Zen Den® pet bed was invented.

Zen Den Pets

Judy Coulter, started an apparel manufacturing company after graduating from the Los Angeles Fashion Institute. Rosie, a Cocker Spaniel went to work with Judy every day.

Rosie was part of the family for 18 wonderful years. She had every typical dog bed. Cedar wood chips, memory foam, ballistic nylon, flat, round and square beds, from every usual source. Regardless of the bed, Rosie would dig in her bed to try to make it comfortable. The beds were always destroyed or not used because she could not get comfortable!

Judy covered the destruction with a blanket or a towel. Rosie would use the added material to try to make her bed comfortable; sometimes she would roll it into a ball and then lay on top of it. Sometimes it would stay in the bed and sometimes it would be pulled out of the bed. Have you seen this behavior with your pet?

Designing the Zen Den® Pet Bed

Frustrated with the unsightly mess, Judy designed a unique bed, Zen Den®. Finally, Rosie had all the elements she needed to satisfy her denning behavior; she would step into the bed, paw at the blanket and snuggle against the secure bolster. She would rest her head on the bolster like people do with a pillow.

When Rosie was about 16 she started to lose her hearing and a few months later, lost her sight. She still went to work every day with Judy and was key in the development and creation of the Zen Den®. Several of Rosie’s old beds were shuffled with the Zen Den® to see which bed Rosie would select. Just like in the fairy tale, Rosie was looking for the bed that was “just right”. Without exception, Rosie would choose to sleep in the Zen Den®. This was an unintended blind study.

The Result

An instinctively satisfying bed was created. The unattractive beds were history and Judy got what she wanted, a bed that was beautiful, machine washable and dryable, clean and odor free! Rosie got what she wanted, an instinctively comfortable bed!

The Science of Zen Den®

Judy’s husband, Curtis, with a degree in Zoology enjoyed studying instinctive animal behavior. He saw Rosie use the "Zen Den"®, and realized Judy had created an instinct satisfying bed - A bed that can be fluffed just like is done in the wild.

Surprisingly, little has changed in the behavior of domesticated animals compared to their wild ancestors. Certain animals make a bed by pawing at matted leaves, grass, or even dirt. Instinctive fluffing or pawing at bedding material provides thermal protection (insulation) and a soft bed. Soft beds reduce the chance of a leg "going to sleep" which commonly happens when sleeping on a hard surface. A "sleeping" or numb limb reduces the animal's chance of escape when it needs to escape from a predator.

No other pet bed has Zen Den's® unique (PATENTED) design which satisfies the nesting instinct. It was that nesting or denning instinct that caused Rosie to dig at and destroy her old beds. Zen Den® provides instinctive satisfaction and comfort. Zen Den® is now available to loved pets everywhere.