Zen Den’s® Zoologist Answers Your Questions

Ask the Zen Den® Zoologist your questions about your pets and the best pet beds.

best pet beds

Congratulations! You found the brand of best pet beds for your cat, a small Zen Den®. The machine washable bed is loved by cats and the people owned by cats. Read More.
Just as it is important to keep your home and bed clean, it is important to keep your pet and its bed clean. When you select a pet bed, choose one that is washable in addition to any other quality important to you. Zen Den® pet beds are washable and will be an attractive complement to your home. Read More.
Pet beds have different qualities and it can be confusing to make an intelligent decision about which bed to buy. The Zen Den® pet beds are made of top-quality materials that will last for many years.
Odor comes from a source such as bacteria, and of course dogs track in dirt and sometimes invisible passengers. The best way to eliminate pet bed odor is to wash it. The Zen Den® pet bed is machine washable meaning you can always kill the foul odor!
What your dog is doing when he is pawing at his bed is simple. Think of your dog in the wild – he wants to make a bed so he finds some matted grass or leaves and starts pawing at them. Ah, almost fluffy and comfortable! The Zen Den® bed has this same quality with a moveable blanket for your pet to “fluff” before laying down – reducing the chance of them destroying the bed.
First, think about where the bed is placed in your home and if it is drafty. The Zen Den® blanket and plush bed may supply the extra amount of warmth you want for your dog, just like your blanket provides like you. The Zen Den® bed is also breathable, ensuring your dog doesn’t overheat.
Think about the last time you rented a hotel room. Did you ask for a twin bed or a king? My observation is that dogs and cats like to have options to spread out or fit snugly! With a bolster, your pet can snuggle against the edge when they want to while still being able to spread out across the bed when they want more space.