February 16, 2018

Chacma absolutely loves his Zen Den.  I spent 9 weeks in South Africa volunteering at a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, infant Chacma baboons. While I was there, a 2 and a half month old Pekingese puppy decided that I was his person. When it came time to leave, I couldn’t return home without him so I brought him along.  He is named Chacma after the baboons that brought us together. His travel to the U.S. was frightening for him . . . a 4 month old puppy all alone without his people so he had some adjustment problems when he arrived.  My sister gave him a Zen Den and he could hardly wait to jump in and arrange the bedding to make it his.  I have just ordered a second Zen Den so he will have one at our vacation house.  He’s a spoiled puppy but absolutely worth it. And he has adjusted to his life in the U.S. just fine.