January 16, 2018

I have 15 Zen Dens. I believe I am one of the first customers many years ago, and I can’t imagine being without them. I have 3 on my patio, I have several in every room, I have one in my car and one in my office.  If I change cars, and my dog doesn’t have her bed, she is quite put out and won’t even try to lay down. After years of destruction of cheap beds, and stuffing all over the house and yard, I am a firm believer in the hardiness, comfort and nesting that the Zen Dens provide. The dogs do dig around in them to get them just right, and there is no damage. I have 7 dogs and 8 cats in my house, they all sleep in the beds. If one dog wants a certain bed someone is sleeping in, she will stand and cry to get in, and usually will finally just snuggle in, too.

I could not possibly have all of the dogs in my bed, so the Zen Dens have saved my sleep. I have one dog that gets up in my bed to visit, and then makes a flying leap for her Zen Den when she is ready to go to sleep. I have given them to many friends and family members as gifts, and they are soon believers, too. One of the dogs loves his so much, he sneaks off into the bedroom early in the evening to get in his bed. They are indestructible, and mine have all been washed many times, with great results. It’s so funny, if I come home with a new one, the dogs know it is for them while it is still in the wrapping. They jump up and down and try to be the first to get in. Thank you, Judy, for this incredible invention. My animals thank you, too.

Linda Shaw