April 25, 2017

Looking for cute cat beds?

Hello Zen Den® Zoologist,

I want a great bed for my cat. I see a lot of pet beds in stores and on line but I see nothing I like. Is your pet bed also a cute cat bed? I want a washable bed for my cat that will look good in my apartment.
Looking for a cat bed.

Dear Cat Bed Buyer,

Congratulations! You found the perfect cute cat bed, a small Zen Den®. Zen Den® is loved by cats. My cat, Oliver sleeps in his small Zen Den®. He has two Zen Dens®. They are in different parts of the house. I put one above the clothes washer so his arch enemy, Tigger the Terrible (still a puppy) can’t torture him.
Oliver is a large 14-year-old grey Tabby and is part Maine Coon.  Like all cats, he sheds. Fallen hair is no problem. Whenever his bed is hairy or dirty, I just remove the pillow with attached blanket and put it in the washer then dryer. I do the same with the bolster but less frequently than I wash the blanketed pillow.
When Zen Den® had just been created, Judy and I took several prototypes to a friend’s house. The friend had a black Labradoodle, a Shiatsu, a mixed breed dog and Carly, a calico cat. You will see their pets in some of Zen Den’s® pictures and videos. I used my cell phone to record the calico cat’s response to the bed. The dogs had already gotten in their Zen Dens®. I then set a small Zen Den® down near Carly the calico cat. She walked in and immediately started kneading the bed. Watch the video at the link below.

We all know you can’t make a cat do something it does not want to do or stay somewhere it does not want to be. (The bed was new; no scent attractant was or has ever used to coax a pet into a Zen Den®.)
It has been over 3 years since Carly got her Zen Den® cute cat bed. She still sleeps in the bed. Her Zen Den® cute cat bed has been regularly cleaned and it still looks like new.
Zen Den®, cute cat beds that are loved by cats and the people owned by cats. Zen Den® is machine washable, dryable, long lasting and instinctually comfortable.  Zen Den® WILL look good in your apartment.
Happy purring! Zen Den® Zoologist