September 12, 2017

Your dog has destroyed his dog bed – again – and now you’re off to the nearest department store to pickup up another. Maybe this one will last a little longer, or maybe your dog will tear it up again within the next week. Before you spend pointless money, you may want to consider one of the many designer dog beds available from Zen Den.

While many think luxury, designer dog beds are an unnecessary expense, you would actually be saving money and peace of mind in the long run. Not to mention giving your dog a bed crafted for their comfort and support.

There are several benefits to designer dog beds making them well worth the money spent.

Designer Dog Beds Offer Superior Durability

If you place one of our designer dog beds next to one from your local department or pet store, you can see the difference immediately. Animals have a natural instinct to “den” in their beds. This means scratching and pawing to make it more comfortable. As a result, beds can very quickly be torn apart.

The best quality dog beds always start out with nothing less than the finest materials. This includes not only the outer covering, but also the inner padding, zipper, and any thread used to assemble the bed. They are designed with an animal’s natural instincts in mind and will not be so easily torn apart. Designer dog beds satisfy your pet’s denning instincts by providing fluffed up pillows and blankets that they can easily rearrange.

Handcrafted vs Mass Produced

The dog beds you see in local pet and department stores are mass produced and often from overseas factories. The companies that manufacture them churn them out by the hundreds or thousands every week using the cheapest materials and labor available. Their only goal is to crank out as many units as possible regardless of quality, durability, and suitability.

On the other hand, designer dog beds such as those available at Zen Den are handcrafted from start to finish. They are manufactured using the finest materials by true artisans one bed at a time. Not only does this ensure a superior quality dog bed, it also ensures you get maximum return on your investment. Handmade designer dog beds are custom designed to provide your dog with maximum comfort and support.

Designer Dog Beds Are Easier to Keep Clean

Pet and department store animal beds are designed to be used until they are dirty and worn out and are then tossed into the garbage. If you are lucky, these beds can last from a few months to a year. Then you have no choice but to go out and buy another one.

Our entire lineup of designer dog beds has been designed to be washable. All of the parts used to craft them are fully machine washable and can be dried in your dryer. The colors will not fade or run and the materials will not fall apart in the washing machine. Not only does this mean you can keep your furry pup’s bed nice and clean, it means you may have bought the only dog bed you will ever need to buy.

To see the latest in designer dog beds that your pup is sure to fall in love with, visit the online catalog at Zen Den. We have one of the finest selections of designer dog beds available. We have beds for all sizes and breeds for you to choose from, and your dog is sure to love his new luxury bed.