October 10, 2017

You look around the room – your cat is lounging on the bed and your dog is sprawled out across the couch – no pet beds in sight. Just like us, your pet loves to have a nice comfy place to snooze during the day. Instead of taking up space on your bed or getting hair on your furniture, a pet bed would give your animal a comfy place to relax and sleep the day away.

There are several reasons why your pet needs their own designer pet bed:

Warmer in the Winter

Most cats like to have somewhere warm to sleep. Many short haired or hairless dogs feel the same way as their bodies don’t have the ability to stay warm laying on the floor. A nice thick pillow with a warm surface is the perfect way to help your furry friend stay warm, even on the coldest nights.

Cooler in the Summer

Today, there are a number of “cool beds” designed specifically to help your long-haired pets cool down during the hottest days of summer. These beds often contain a special gel material that helps to wick away excess body heat. You may find your pet refuses to get up off his cool pet bed for just about any reason during the summer months.

Pet Beds With the Right Material

Many pet beds come covered in fleece, which can make them very attractive and tempting to buy. However, this may not turn out to be the best choice. Since most dogs and cats tend to paw at their bedding, attempting to make it comfortable in much the same way we fluff our bed pillows, a better choice might be denim or another smooth textured material. This makes it easier for them to fluff their pillows and make them comfortable.

The Perfect Level of Comfort

When you have an active pet, he needs a comfortable bed to lie down on. Today’s orthopedic pet beds are designed to provide the perfect level of comfort and support. Orthopedic beds are especially important to senior cats and dogs who may have issues such as osteoarthritis.

An orthopedic pet bed is typically made from a firmer foam designed to mold to their body as they lay down. Many now feature high sides or rolls on the sides for your pet to lie their head on. Not only do high side walls on pet beds give your pets a pillow, they can also help to block drafts, giving your pet a warm place to sleep, even on the coldest winter days.

Your pet relies on you for support, comfort, and to make their lives as pleasant as possible. You spend a fortune on toys and the right food, why not invest in one of the many top-quality designer pet beds available at Zen Den. We have a selection of the finest American-made handcrafted pet beds for you to choose from that will fit your cat or dog perfectly.