December 09, 2017

Pamper Your Pooch This Holiday Season

As the holidays near, we check more and more people off our gift list. First, family and close friends. Then coworkers and acquaintances. But once the ties and stocking stuffers are crossed off the list, there is still someone missing.

This year, don’t forget a holiday gift for your furry friends! Our pets are always there to greet us at the end of each day, giving wet kisses and excited wiggles. Whether for the pet-loving friend or for the furry one in your own life, treat your pets with something special this holiday season!

Designer Pet Beds To Match Any Style

Give your pets the gift of a warm and comfy bed with Zen Den’s designer pet beds. Created and manufactured in the US, each of our designer beds are made instinctively comfortable for your pet.

The soft frame and pillow are constructed using durable and luxurious fabrics. An attached fluffy blanket will trigger a sense of satisfaction through your dog’s and cat’s paws, giving them a perfect nesting spot. It is machine washable to help keep your pets clean, odor-free and healthy!

Not only will your dog or cat love it, but you and guests will as well! Our designer dog beds are made in a variety of colors and prints, from simple elegance or sleek modern, to fun and bold. Match the decor with a sleek black or grey, or let all eyes stray with a wild animal print or bright colors.

Customers and their pets alike can’t help but love their Zen Den! Not only are our designer pet beds beautiful, durable, and machine-washable, but they also provide a sense of security and comfort to your pets.

Just askHoudini the Cat, who used to hide under the furniture at any noise and was terrified and skittish of his new home. But the moment his owners brought home their Zen Den, Houdini became a new cat, feeling secure in his bed and comfortable to lounge around all day.

“As soon as we brought the Zen Den® designer pet bed home, he loved it! He sleeps in it all the time and seems so comfortable and calm when he’s in it – so much so that he has started to pose for pictures! This bed has helped our scared little boy finally relax.” – Anna, Houdini’s Mom

Zen Den – Designer Pet Beds

For the “ultimutt” treat for your pet or pet-loving friend, check out our designer dog beds at Zen Den Pets. Unlike other beds on the market, our designer pet beds are made with your animal’s natural nesting instincts in mind. Fit the style that best matches your house or brighten the room with a wild print. Treat your pets this holiday season with a gift that can make all the difference!