January 06, 2018

I shred the ball in front of me gleefully, relishing in the tufts of yellow fluff that fall from my mouth. Being only 9 months old, I love to chew and shred everything I can get my teeth on. The ball drops from my jaw and in the next moment I’m bounding over to my Zen Den luxury dog bed. I skid into the kitchen and launch into it, rolling happily onto my back and sides.

I love burrowing into the soft blanket and digging into it with my paws. It feels so good to pull it around and get it fluffed up just right.  

My dog bed is one of the only things I haven’t shredded apart. Even though I love to chew on it, it hasn’t ripped or gotten worn out at all! One of the best things about my Zen Den is when mom puts it in the washer and dryer and it comes out clean and super soft. Then I really love to roll all over it and get my hair everywhere!

Mom comes over to pet me on the head as everyone is getting up to go to sleep. Before I had my bed, I would try to follow her to her room every night. Now, I don’t mind staying out here all by myself. I used to hate it if I wasn’t allowed in the bedroom at night, and would cry and keep everyone awake. But now that I have my very own comfy bed, I sleep out here all night long!

As the lights turn off, I snuggle down securely. Without my Zen Den I wouldn’t have a safe place to sleep at night. And no one would have been able to get a good night’s rest. I am glad my mom got me my Zen Den!

Sincerely, Neve the Dog

Zen Den Luxury Dog Bed

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