November 09, 2017

I sink my claws into the soft material and begin to knead. Claws extending in and out, I purr loudly. I haven’t moved from my pet bed in hours and don’t intend to for a few more.

I nuzzle my head against the edge and wipe at my eyes tiredly. Hearing a yell of excitement, I look up to see a camera pointed at my face. Again. I stretch out over the corners of the bed, my head dangling off, and the camera flashes. I pat at my stuffed toy, sinking farther into the thick comfortable pillow as my owner continues to take photos.

Before my owners got me a Zen Den pet bed, I never posed for pictures. Instead I would hide under the bed or in the closet. When they first brought me home I was a little scared, and sometimes it would take my owners hours to find me.

That’s why they named me Houdini.

Now, I spend most of my time napping in the pet bed, so my owners always know where to find me. I feel safe here. And the pet bed is big enough so that I can stretch out, or snuggle securely against the edge. The fluffy pillow and blanket are the best thing to knead and make me feel very relaxed.

My ears perk up as I hear the sound of a can being opened and I arc my back, paws stretched out in front of me. I guess I can get up for now. I trot over to my owner, where they are filling my bowl with food, and rub against their legs vigorously.

My owner’s have gotten me many new things to make sure I am happy here, but what I love most is the Zen Den pet bed. Oh yeah, and them too.

Sincerely, Houdini the Cat

Zen Den Designer Pet Bed

Zen Den designer pet beds are built with your cat in mind. Designed to meet their nesting instincts, our beds foster happy and healthy pets. To check out some of our favorite beds, come shop at Zen Den Pets, or check out the testimonial behind Houdini the Cat.