January 30, 2018

For pets with sensitive skin or allergies, finding hypoallergenic dog beds can be a nightmare. The wrong materials can often lead your dog to fits of sneezing, itching, irritability, lack of appetite, incessant licking, diarrhea and more alarming or upsetting issues. Allergic dogs may also develop skin infections, which may cause scabbing and loss of hair. These issues can all cause great discomfort for your pet. 

In order to combat allergic reactions, it is important to keep their beds free of allergens, such as mold, dust, fleas, dander and dust mites. The material of the dog bed may also lead to allergic symptoms. Fabrics like wool or those treated with flame retardant can cause negative reactions from dogs. Hypoallergenic dog beds can give your pet the ease to rest comfortably.

Zen Den’s Hypoallergenic Materials

At Zen Den, we are dedicated to the health and comfort our four legged family members. Therefore, our designer pet beds are designed to be hypoallergenic, built to resist allergens and made to be machine washable, making your pet bed easy to clean and maintain over time!

Made with durable and luxurious fabrics, our beds are not treated with flame retardant or other harmful chemicals. Our bolster beds are made in the USA for quality and designed for the satisfaction of your pup. Zen Den pet beds are breathable and machine washable to keep the bed clean, odor free and healthy.

Machine Washable Dog Beds

Zen Den dog beds are machine washable and machine dryable. Our dog beds come with a removable internal bolster that can be washed separately and are filled with eco-friendly polyester instead of possibly harmful allergens such as feathers. The pillow and attached blanket are also completely machine washable and dryable.

When washing, use perfume free and dye free detergent. The bed will come out of the laundry clean and look new for many cycles and for years to come.

Zen Den Hypoallergenic Dog Beds

To make sure a Zen Den is a good match for your furry friend, we will send you a sample of the material so you can test if your dog or pet has an allergic reaction to the materials. Choose the healthiest bed for your pet with hypoallergenic dog beds from Zen Den today! Call us at 1-855-493-6336 or fill out our contact form.