April 06, 2018

Stop wasting money buying dog beds every few months and invest in a quality bed that will last. Zen Den designs the best pet beds with your pet’s natural denning instincts in mind. It’s these instincts that lead pets to scratch and tear at their beds, often ending in destroyed beds and fluffing scattered everywhere.    

If you continually toss your pet bed behind closed doors when guests arrive or just can’t seem to keep your pet from ripping through the fabric, maybe it’s time to try something new. Our luxury pet beds are designed to be durable, long-lasting and a perfect fit for your furry friend!

Instinctively Satisfying

An animal’s natural instinct when they lay down is to prime their sleeping space. This means digging or pawing down into the fabric. This instinctive “fluffing” is what causes pets to dig at and destroy their beds. It is also what sets the best pet beds at Zen Den apart, as the luxurious fabrics and attached nesting blanket satisfy your pet’s instinct to lay down on a comfortable bed.

As Zen Den’s attached pillow is made of anti-pill fleece, this helps trigger a sense of satisfaction through your cat’s or dog’s paws as they knead. Our thick, luxurious and durable materials guarantee that your pet will be instinctively comfortable.


When you buy a new pet bed, what is your pet’s initial reaction? Repeatedly turning in circles, digging down into the fabric? Whether your pet bed is made of cedar wood chips, memory foam, ballistic nylon, or is flat, round or square, every typical dog bed from every usual source undergoes the same priming process.

What then usually results is rips and tears in the fabric, the stuffing being flung across the room, all leading to being stuffed into the garbage.

Zen Den’s durable pet beds help break the cycle. Not only are they designed from durable fabrics, but they also satisfy your pets natural instinct to fluff, den and nest into their beds with the attached anti-pill fleece blanket, meaning your pet can scratch and rearrange the fabric without the damage!

Hypoallergenic Pet Bed

Filled with eco-friendly polyester instead of possibly harmful allergens such as feathers, our hypoallergenic pet beds were built with the health and wellness of your pet in mind. In addition, they were made with durable and luxurious fabrics, and are not treated with flame retardant or other harmful chemicals. Our pet beds were designed to resist allergens, making your pet bed easy to maintain and clean over time.

Not sure if the bed is right for your pet’s sensitive skin? Contact us and we’ll send you a sample!

Machine Washable Pet Bed

On any day, your dog’s bed can be covered in hair, dirt, grime, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. By getting a washable dog bed, you are ensuring that your dog is in a safe sleeping environment. Every part of a Zen Den pet bed is completely machine washable and dry-able.

A removable internal bolster can be washed separately from the bed covering. Also, the pillow and attached blanket are also completely machine washable and dry-able, keeping your pet’s bed free of allergens.


Beautifully Designed

Stop scurrying to ditch the dog bed every time a guest shows up. Our luxury dog beds blend seamlessly into the rest of your home. Not only will your dog or cat love it, but you and guests will as well! Made in a variety of colors and prints, from simple elegance or sleek modern, to fun and bold, you can find the bed that matches your aesthetic perfectly, or that stands out with some style. Match the decor with sleek black or grey, or gather all eyes with a wild animal print or bright colors. It’s up to you!

Luxury Pet Beds at Zen Den

It’s important to invest in a quality pet bed that can withstand everyday wear and tear, and come out of the wash looking brand new cycle after cycle. Your pet relies on you for support, comfort, and to make their lives as pleasant as possible. You spend a fortune on toys and the right food, why not invest in a top-quality luxury pet bed? Designed to meet their nesting instincts, our best pet beds foster happy and healthy pets. To check out some of our favorite beds, come shop at Zen Den Pets.