April 20, 2017

Will a machine washable pet bed prevent health hazards?

Dear Zen Den® Zoologist,

My dog often comes inside from outdoors and is filthy, but runs right into his bed. I heard that a dog bed can harbor mites and other hazards creating a health risk for my dog and maybe even spread and cause a risk for the people in my home. I’m worried that my pet could be unsafe, but I’m not sure what to do about it or if my bed is a machine washable pet bed. What should I do if I see bugs in my dog’s bed?
Your advice is appreciated.

Dear Infected Pet Bed Owner,

You are right, an infected pet bed poses a health hazard for your pet and the people in your home as well.
If your pet has any sign of bugs, mites or other pests act promptly and see a veterinarian as soon as possible to help treat the condition.
If the infested bed is a machine washable pet bed, get it into the washer immediately. Then tumble dry the bed for at least 20 minutes to remove any last signs of pests. Inspect for any sign of bugs before returning it to your dog. If the pet bed is not washable put it in a plastic bag and dispose of it.

Just as it is important to keep your home and bed clean, it is important to keep your pet and its bed clean – particularly if your pet is prone to playing in the mud!
When you select a bed, choose one that is a machine washable pet bed, in addition to any other quality important to you. Zen Den® pet beds are all machine washable and will be an attractive complement to your home, as well as keeping your pet healthy and safe!
Great question. Thank you.
Zen Den® Zoologist