March 08, 2017

Welcome to Zen Den®! You will love our products. More importantly, your pet will love his or her Zen Den® bed.

Finally, your pet will have the quality bed he or she deserves. A bed that is comfortable, looks beautiful, is clean and healthy.

Our founders are a fashion designer and Zoologist. They share a common vision: to make your pet as comfortable as possible; to provide a beautiful, long lasting, washable and healthy bed. Zen Den® pet beds are designed to satisfy the denning instinct of your pet – and to provide a comfortable, safe place to sleep.

Zen Den® pet beds are available in many different sizes to provide a bed that is a perfect fit for your pet and will look great in your home. Use the guide below to pick the right bed for your pet!

Selecting a Zen Den® Bed

  1. If your pet does not sleep in a crate, the Zen Den® pet bed will be perfect. If your pet sleeps in a crate, select the Zen Mate™ crate bed. Visit our shop page to look at our pet beds and crate beds. Select the perfect size bed for your pet. Zen Den® pet beds are great for overnight sleeping or for daytime lounging. You may want a Zen Den® in more than one location.
  1. Zen Den® beds and Zen Mate™ crate beds are available in several colors to combine fashion and function. Choose the bed that compliments your home’s decor – or coordinate with the color of your pet. Zen Den® products are machine washable. Pet beds get dirty and sometimes smelly. Wash the bed when needed. Keep your home fresh and the bed clean and healthy.
  1. Select the appropriate size for your friend from the list below. Listed are typical for each size bed. When in doubt, select the next size larger. Pets, like people, prefer a larger bed rather than one that is too small. If you have pets that enjoy sleeping together, overestimate the size needed.

Caring for your Zen Den® Washable Pet Bed

Zen Den® products are machine washable. Remove the pillow with the attached blanket from the bed. Wash and dry the pillow, then wash and dry the bed frame separately after removing the internal bolster on the medium, large and super large. Use perfume-free detergent. Watch the video for more care instructions.