September 26, 2017

Your dog comes in, covered with dirt and grime and he bounds over to his dog bed. Before you can stop him, he launches himself on the bed, rolling in bliss. In times like this, washable dog beds can be a relief for pet owners.

Even if you bathe your dog on a regular basis, it is not going to keep his bed clean for very long. The best thing you can do for your dog is to buy him one of the many fine washable dog beds available from Zen Den.

Start Out Right

When shopping for a new place for your pup to sleep, start out by looking for washable dog beds. What this means can vary slightly from one manufacturer to another.

Smaller beds may be designed to be tossed in the washer in one piece, larger ones may be designed to be taken apart so that they can be washed separately. Be sure to look for a dog bed that has a removable cover as this will make it much easier for you to wash.

Routine Cleaning Makes a Difference

Whether you buy a cheap bed or one of our washable dog beds, you can make it last longer by giving your pup’s bed a little regular TLC. The simplest thing you can do to help keep his bed clean is to vacuum it at least once each week. This will help to remove excess hair, allergens, dirt, dust, fleas, and more.

You can also use a lint roller or a length of duct tape to help remove any buildup of hair. You should also do this just before you are ready to put his bedding in the washing machine, as it will help reduce the risk of you washing machine drain becoming clogged.

Use the Right Detergent

washable dog beds

It is best to use a chlorine-free and perfume-free detergent. Your dog may have skin allergies to the laundry detergent you use for the rest of your family. Most vets recommend you use a detergent that is listed as being pet safe such as Seventh Generation, Ecos, or Tide Simply Clean & Fresh.

These detergents are made without the use of fragrances or dyes. They contain detergents that are mild and have been proven not to cause allergic reactions in most dogs. However, always keep an eye on your dog right after you wash his bedding to ensure he is not reacting to your choice of laundry detergent.

Hot or Cold Water?

Some washable dog beds say you should use hot water to wash them, while others say you should only use cold water. One option is to stick to the instructions on the bedding manufacturer’s label, the other is to adhere to the instructions on the laundry detergent bottle. In the end, it is up to you. As long as your pup’s bedding comes clean, that is what truly matters.

One last thing to consider is using a stain remover to pretreat the outer cover before you put it in the washing machine. This will help to remove any stains such as urine, slobber, mud, etc., leaving your pup with a nice clean bed he will thoroughly enjoy napping on. You can find a fabulous selection of top-quality washable dog beds in the Zen Den online catalog. Find the perfect bed for your furry fried today!