November 24, 2017

A creature of comfort, cats seek out the warmest places to catnap. From the slant of sun shining through the window, to your thick comforter on the bed, there you can find them curled up and reveling in the warmth. But where your cat goes, so does a trail of hair follow. There, on the floor or their favorite spot on the comforter, lays a mountain of fur that you can never seem to clean up completely- no matter how many times you scrape it away.

Give your cat a spot they can claim as their own and that meets all of their nesting needs. Zen Den provides beds for cats that are designed with your cat’s denning instincts in mind. From washable covers, to fulfilling your animal’s natural instincts to knead, our cat beds will leave your cat purring in content.

Meets Nesting Needs

Cats spend an average of fourteen hours a day sleeping. If you want your cat to choose their bed over yours, they are going to need something cozy and alluring. Zen Den cat beds are instinctively comfortable with an attached blanket and soft-sculpture frame.

By placing their cat bed in an area of the house that is safe, comfortable and gets a lot of natural sunlight, your cat is much more likely to be content in their bed. High sides help enclose warmth during the winter, whereas having an open side gives your cat the ability to sprawl out and get air during the summer. Zen Den cat beds come with accessory pillows and bolstered sides to help accommodate this need.

Natural Durability

A cat’s natural instinct when they lay down is to knead. As Zen Den’s attached pillow is made of anti-pill fleece, this helps trigger a sense of satisfaction through your cat’s paws as they knead. Our thick, luxurious and durable materials guarantee that your pet will not destroy or rip their bed.

It’s also important to select a bed that will fit the size of your cat. Cats like to curl up, but you also want their beds big enough so that they can stretch out. Make sure the size is cozy, but not too cramped. Raised side walls give added comfort and a sense of security.

Machine Washable Pet Beds

With the amount of time cats spend sleeping, their bed will quickly become coated in their fur. For easy cleaning, it’s important to get a cat bed that is washable, or has removable parts that can easily be thrown in the wash.

This will help to keep your cat bed clean and smelling good. Drying them with a dryer sheet will also help to reduce static cling of hair to the bed. All Zen Den beds for cats are completely machine washable and machine dry-able.

Fun Prints and Designs

Our quality and cute cat beds come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Select a color and style that will fit into the decor of your home. Get blue or dark grey to match the paint and furniture. Or, style it up a bit by going with an exotic animal print or bold and bright colors. Don’t buy a bed with tassels or beaded areas, as they could prove to be harmful to your pet or act as a choking hazard.


For cute cat beds built with quality in mind, leave your pet purring with content and visit Zen Den Pets to shop our collection.