October 26, 2017

It’s been a long day at work and as you unlock your front door, all you want to do is put up your feet and enjoy the night. Your dogs run up to you in excitement as you swing the door open, tails wagging and tongues lapping. And then you see it.

Mountains of fluff line the hallway. It spreads into every open doorway and your dogs suddenly scuttle out of sight. You walk along the incriminating trail to find its source. There, in the living room, between bits of shredded fabric and piles of fluff you see what it is. The new dog bed you had bought only a few weeks ago.

The little dark grey pet bed had looked so cute with dog bones embroidered along the edges. And better yet- it was only 20 bucks! But that was the third one you had bought, and now it looks like you’re moving on to a fourth…

Before you head back to the department store, maybe it’s time to consider buying a better dog bed.Top rated dog beds are built for durability and with your dog’s nesting habits in mind.

With so many different top rated dog beds on the market today, it can be hard to know which of them will provide the best fit for your dog’s needs. When you start looking for a new bed for your furry friend, be sure to buy one for him that will satisfy his natural instincts.

Here are several things top rated dog beds should have:

Be Non-Toxic

Many top rated dog beds are made from synthetic materials chosen for their ability to resist stains and to make them flame retardant. While this might sound good on the surface, the reality is that many of these materials have chemicals that have been proven to be harmful to your dog’s health. If your dog has a habit of chewing his bed or has skin allergies, buy him a bed made from top-quality materials.

Be Easy to Clean

No matter the size of your dog, sooner or later his bed is going to become soiled and need to be washed. Zen Den’s top rated dog beds are built to be machine washable. Simply remove the the blanket attached pillow and toss it into the machine. The best dog beds are made with removable covers so that you can quickly and easily throw them in the washer and dryer for cleaning.

Some of the smaller ones can even be tossed in the washing machine in one piece. No matter what style you buy, be sure it is made to be washed on a regular basis. This will help ensure your dog has a clean place to sleep.

Be the Right Size for Your Dog

The last thing you want to do is buy one of those top-rated dog beds only to find out it is not big enough for your dog to stretch out on. Even the dog that likes to be curled up needs to stretch out from time to time. But, if his bed’s not big enough for him to do so, he will find plenty of other places to sleep. In fact, he will sleep anywhere but his bed.

Take your time when searching through the many top rated dogs beds for sale. Our top rated dog beds at Zen Den have bolsters on the edge that your pet can snuggle against.

Be Virtually Indestructible

If you have a dog that likes to chew on his bed, the last thing you need is a bed that he can shred into pieces. Not only will this type of bed leave a mess all over the place, but some of the inner padding could end up being swallowed by your dog. This can lead to significant and serious medical injuries that require surgery.

Zen Den designer pet beds are designed with your dog’s natural nesting habits in mind. Instinctively your animals like to make their bed by pawing and fluffing. This nesting instinct is what causes your dogs to dig at and destroy their beds. Zen Den pet beds satisfy this instinct with their durable and luxurious fabrics, and the addition of a soft frame, pillow and fluffy blanket.