May 22, 2017

When your dog is a member of your family, you want to ensure that they’re as comfortable as possible. But the search for the top rated dog beds can be overwhelming and littered with hundreds of options listing their features. The key is determining what features will really make your dog most comfortable and secure, as well as determining what features are important to you as an owner.

Durability and Craftsmanship of Top Rated Dog Beds

One of the first vital features that comes to mind is the craftsmanship of top rated dog beds. If you’re purchasing a high-quality dog bed, you want the manufacturing of the bed to be top-notch and know it’s designed to be durable. The quality of the Zen Den® bed surpasses most top rated dog beds and may be the only bed you need during your pet’s lifetime! Unlike most beds, the Zen Den® bed is:

  • Handcrafted with specially-selected fabrics for the best style and durability
  • Designed to satisfy natural denning instincts as dogs arrange the blanket, rather than having dogs shredding the bed apart to ‘fluff’ it
  • Made with care in the US by a fellow dog-mom

Comparing Top Rated Dog Beds vs. Box Store Beds

Zen Den® Bed

Box Store Bed

Specialty Retailers


Handmade and carefully inspected for long-lasting durability Machine-manufactured in bulk Manufactured by machine


All parts of bed can be machine washed and dried to reduce odor Many cannot be machine washed or fall apart after a few washings Most fabrics cannot be washed or do not hold up for several washings

Style/Fabric Options

Several stylish color choices in premium and durable fabrics Most often come in only a few color options with fabrics that deteriorate quickly Quality fabrics and several color options


$130 – $350 $24 – $60 $100-$750

Lifespan & Durability

Possibly will be the only bed you need to purchase Often a few months – one year depending on how much your dog chews Often a year or two, frequently less with multiple washings

While the Zen Den® dog beds have a larger upfront cost, they are likely to last throughout much of your dog’s life. With a boxstore bed or even a specialty retailer, you may end up purchasing a new $45 – $100 bed every 3 months to 1 year depending on how quickly the bed looks worn or is destroyed by your dog. Overtime, these costs add up significantly and result in more work for pet owners. In addition, the ease of washing the top rated dog beds like the Zen Den® allows you to keep the bed looking clean and stylish throughout it’s life. No more hiding your dog’s bed when you have visitors!

The Zen Den® bed may be the only bed you need for your pet’s entire life!

If you’re looking for top rated dog beds, the Zen Den® dog bed is your best option. The Zen Den® bed is a durable, beautiful bed that will make your dog feel safe and secure – while being instinctively comfortable. Learn more about the science behind the Zen Den® bed or browse the bed options. If you have questions about the best pet bed option for your dog, check out our FAQ pageor submit a form to Ask the Zoologist yourself!