Reasons to love Zen Den®

Zen Den Pets


Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.

In addition to being instinctively comfortable, Zen Den® pet beds and Zen Mate™ crate beds are designed and manufactured in America for quality. The Zen Den's® soft frame and pillow are constructed using durable and luxurious fabrics. The attached fluffy blanket is made of anti-pill fleece to trigger the sense of satisfaction which is perceived through the pads in dog's and cat's paws. Zen Den® pet beds are also breathable, beautiful and machine washable to keep the bed clean, odor free and healthy.

100% Machine Washable

All Zen Den® products are machine washable. Sizes medium, large and super large have removable separate internal bolsters which are accessible through a zipper. The internal bolsters are washable separately and filled with eco-friendly polyester. Although small beds do not have removable bolsters or a zipper, they are also completely machine washable and dryable. Just wash the pillow with the attached blanket and separately wash the soft sculptured frame. Both are also machine dryable.

All Zen Den® products are durable, machine washable and machine dryable*. Simply remove the blanket attached pillow and toss it into your washing machine, warm or cold water. Use any chlorine free/perfume-free detergent. A dryer sheet will reduce static cling of hair to the bed.

*Sizes large and super large will fit in typical large capacity washers and dryers. Stacked and European style washers and dryers may be too small for size large and super large Zen Den® pet beds.

Washing Instructions

small dog beds

To wash the small Zen Den® just wash the blanketed pillow separately from the frame. Dry each separately.

large dog beds

To wash Zen Den frames, medium through super large just open the zipper, remove the two encased bolsters* then wash and dry the frame the same as the blanketed pillow.

dog crate bed

The Zen Mate™ crate bed is also washable and dryable. Just detach the accessory pillow, wash and dry the bed together with the pillow or separately. 

After cleaning, reinstall the front bolster through the tunnel, half on each side. The install the back bolster. Bolsters are taller than they are wide. Bolster ends attach by Velcro®. Close zipper on medium through super large beds. Then, for all sizes, tuck the pillow corners into the bed frame and arrange the blanket to make an inviting bed for your pet. Reattach the pillow to the Zen Mate™.
* Bolsters will typically be washed with less frequency than the pillow and frame.