For pets with sensitive skin or allergies, finding hypoallergenic dog beds can be a nightmare. The wrong materials can often lead your dog to fits of sneezing, itching, irritability, lack of appetite, incessant licking, diarrhea and more alarming or upsetting issues. Allergic dogs may also develop skin infections, which may cause scabbing and loss of… Read More

I shred the ball in front of me gleefully, relishing in the tufts of yellow fluff that fall from my mouth. Being only 9 months old, I love to chew and shred everything I can get my teeth on. The ball drops from my jaw and in the next moment I’m bounding over to my… Read More

Pamper Your Pooch This Holiday Season As the holidays near, we check more and more people off our gift list. First, family and close friends. Then coworkers and acquaintances. But once the ties and stocking stuffers are crossed off the list, there is still someone missing. This year, don’t forget a holiday gift for your… Read More

A creature of comfort, cats seek out the warmest places to catnap. From the slant of sun shining through the window, to your thick comforter on the bed, there you can find them curled up and reveling in the warmth. But where your cat goes, so does a trail of hair follow. There, on the… Read More