What Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You As a pet owner, have you ever wondered why your dog circles and paws at his before finally settling down? Your pet is following its instincts! Your dog is programmed to add loft and thermal protection to his bed before resting. At Zen Den Pets, we provide… Read More

Stop wasting money buying dog beds every few months and invest in a quality bed that will last. Zen Den designs the best pet beds with your pet’s natural denning instincts in mind. It’s these instincts that lead pets to scratch and tear at their beds, often ending in destroyed beds and fluffing scattered everywhere.… Read More

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For pets with sensitive skin or allergies, finding hypoallergenic dog beds can be a nightmare. The wrong materials can often lead your dog to fits of sneezing, itching, irritability, lack of appetite, incessant licking, diarrhea and more alarming or upsetting issues. Allergic dogs may also develop skin infections, which may cause scabbing and loss of… Read More

I shred the ball in front of me gleefully, relishing in the tufts of yellow fluff that fall from my mouth. Being only 9 months old, I love to chew and shred everything I can get my teeth on. The ball drops from my jaw and in the next moment I’m bounding over to my… Read More