These Aussies fussing over the ZEN DEN PETS bed! Poco finally felt sorry for Shadow and went and got back in his own little bed from Target. So I ordered him his own “Pokey size” Zed Den bed today. It can’t get here soon enough! -Loree Hart


Absolutely amazing! My dogs all dug through every other bed I've bought, but they were so comfortable in the Zen Den that my oldest didn't even wait until it was completely out of the plastic! She got in, sniffed, turned around twice and settled down immediately. I'm going to have to get a few more so my dogs can stop sleeping on top of one another trying to fit in the same bed.


We have had Zen Dens for our two golden retrievers for years. They just love them! I was hosting the family for Christmas and thought this would be the perfect gift for all the pets in my family. As soon as the three chihuahuas owners unwrapped their gifts, the dogs leap out of their old beds and hopped onto their Zen Dens. They immediately fell into deep sleeps while the gift exchange continued. They never went back to their old beds and slept in them all the way home. They just love them. Thank you for this excellent product! And, thanks from Chito, Reese and Kipling! Cheers, Debi in Carmel, CA


Awesome quality. Perfect for my special little guy. He’s able to nest and cover himself quite well. Haven’t tried washing this bed yet but I don’t forsee there being any issues. Made well with sturdy seams. Looks exactly like the picture. Thanks Zen Den!


I now own 3 Zen Den beds. Maybe they can make one for me!!!!!!! I spoke with the owner Judy about a mistake upon ordering and she was so amazing to take care of my mistake. Best people and product ever. Thank you

I want one too!

Dusty spends most of her days happily wrapped up in her Zen Den. We've had to buy several just to get her into other parts of the house. It looks so comfy that I'd like to climb in myself.

Best Bed Ever

I have had many dogs and many dog beds. As my Golden Retriever Reggie approached age 13, I realized he needed something better. I tried the memory foam bed but he seemed so stiff every time he got up. Then we tried Zen Den....first of all he LOVES it. Doesn't have the stiff walk when he first gets up. When he lays down, he just snuggles right in. Washing the bed is a breeze. We have a large capacity washer. The bolster comes out and goes in easily. Wash dry done. Made with quality materials, this will stand the test of time. This is the best bed ever. I highly recommend it. Reggie does too! Thank you Zen Den.

Muppet is a fan of her new bed!!

If I had to guess... I'd say Muppet is a fan of her new Zen Den Pets bed!! It has amazingly soft fabric pieces sewn in, so that she can dig and paw as much as she wants!

It Was an Instant Hit!

Not the greatest picture but it just arrived and as soon as I unpacked it Maya jumped in, dug around and plopped down! I haven’t been able to get her out to move it where I want it!! I’ll send better pics..just wanted to share that it was an instant hit!I LOVE it! Gorgeous and very well made! Maya is not a dog bed kind of dog…she prefers the bed or the couch but she slept in her Zen Den® ALL night and only came to snuggle in bed this morning. As soon as she did Rue slipped out of bed and into the Zen Den®! Guess I’d better get busy selecting another one. Nina, Maya and Rue’s Mom

Chacma Adores His Zen Den!

Chacma absolutely loves his Zen Den. I spent 9 weeks in South Africa volunteering at a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, infant Chacma baboons. While I was there, a 2 and a half month old Pekingese puppy decided that I was his person. When it came time to leave, I couldn’t return home without him so I brought him along. He is named Chacma after the baboons that brought us together. His travel to the U.S. was frightening for him . . . a 4 month old puppy all alone without his people so he had some adjustment problems when he arrived. My sister gave him a Zen Den and he could hardly wait to jump in and arrange the bedding to make it his. I have just ordered a second Zen Den so he will have one at our vacation house. He’s a spoiled puppy but absolutely worth it. And he has adjusted to his life in the U.S. just fine. Bev

I am a Firm Supporter in Zen Den – and So Are My Pets!

I have 15 Zen Dens. I believe I am one of the first customers many years ago, and I can’t imagine being without them. I have 3 on my patio, I have several in every room, I have one in my car and one in my office. If I change cars, and my dog doesn’t have her bed, she is quite put out and won’t even try to lay down. After years of destruction of cheap beds, and stuffing all over the house and yard, I am a firm believer in the hardiness, comfort and nesting that the Zen Dens provide. The dogs do dig around in them to get them just right, and there is no damage. I have 7 dogs and 8 cats in my house, they all sleep in the beds. If one dog wants a certain bed someone is sleeping in, she will stand and cry to get in, and usually will finally just snuggle in, too.

I could not possibly have all of the dogs in my bed, so the Zen Dens have saved my sleep. I have one dog that gets up in my bed to visit, and then makes a flying leap for her Zen Den when she is ready to go to sleep. I have given them to many friends and family members as gifts, and they are soon believers, too. One of the dogs loves his so much, he sneaks off into the bedroom early in the evening to get in his bed. They are indestructible, and mine have all been washed many times, with great results. It’s so funny, if I come home with a new one, the dogs know it is for them while it is still in the wrapping. They jump up and down and try to be the first to get in. Thank you, Judy, for this incredible invention. My animals thank you, too.

Linda Shaw

Houdini is Comfortable and Calm in a Zen Den® Designer Pet Bed

My boyfriend and I rescued this feral kitten just a few weeks ago. He was terrified and skittish and used to hide all the time (which is why we named him Houdini). As soon as we brought the Zen Den® designer pet bed home, he loved it! He sleeps in it all the time and seems so comfortable and calm when he’s in it – so much so that he has started to pose for pictures! This bed has helped our scared little boy finally relax.

Anna, Houdini’s Mom

We Love Your Bed!

As you can see, it’s used and enjoyed often by our babies; human, puppies, and goats!!

Sincerely, Courtney Bastian Claddagh GWP’S

He Has a New Sanctuary!

So we had a total blast getting some “studio” portraits with the bed, which by the way Parker LOVED. He melted right into it, and when it was all said and done and the camera lights went out, Parker went right back over to where the bed was laying on the backdrop and snuggled up with one of his toys. Pretty safe to say that he has a new sanctuary!Thank you!

Jenn, Parker’s Mom

What a great product for our great pup!

I knew that Bailey liked his Zen Den®, but I didn’t know just how much until a few minutes ago. Bailey is a rambunctious one-year-old Labrador retriever who gets very excited when visitors come to our home. Today, we were scheduled for refrigerator repairs, so I had to have him away from the kitchen-dining room area where he usually stays. I moved his Zen Den® into a room across the hall from the kitchen, and closed the door.. I was in and out to check on and “treat” him. The results were remarkable. Not only was Bailey quiet and well-behaved — he actually liked the setup so well that I had to coax him to leave when the repairs were finished. What a great product for our great pup!Thanks for all you do,

Patience McGuire, Bailey’s Mom

Neve Loves Her New Zen Den!

Our 9-week-old corgi puppy loves to chew on her Zen Den®, but it hasn’t ripped or shown any wear at all. It looked great after we ran it through the washing machine and the dryer too! I have a feeling our pup is going to be falling asleep in this bed for a long time.Neve used to cry at night unless we put her in our bedroom. We put her Zen Den® in the kitchen and now she prefers to sleep out there! Everyone at our house is getting more sleep because of the Zen Den®.

Jacki, Neve’s Mom

The Zen Den® is Awesome!

The Zen Den® is awesome! Our three dogs (6 lbs., 25 lbs., and 120 lbs.) and our cat all love their Zen Dens® (we have 4 of them). The cat has claimed hers for exclusive use and the dogs would not dare break her rule. Sometimes several pets (random mix) will curl up together in the Super Large. They all “nest” in the blanket insert and find just the right level of comfort.The Zen Dens® are easily washable pet beds and come out of the washer looking like new. It is amazing that they can be so comfortable, look so good, and still be so durable.

Doni, Joey’s, Rootie’s & Lucy’s Mom

Bandit Absolutely Loves His New Dog Bed

My little dog Bandit absolutely loves his new dog bed. It’s much more spacious than his previous bed and since he is cold a lot he loves the added warmth of the blanket. He has always slept in the bed at night with my wife and me since he was a pup, but not as much now that he has his new Zen Den®. He loves it!

David, Bandit’s Dad